Park & Pay features

Find available parking slots

The users are able to locate all the free parking slots around the desired location.

Pay for Parking

Payment method for parking is made simple by introducing the in-app e-wallet that allows the users to pay for parking with ease.


This will allow the users to easily reserve parking spaces in private parking area such as a shopping mall. The user can search in the required location rather than searching for parking spots in which shows that pre-booking would be much easier and effective for busier users.

Choosing a parking duration and parking extensions.

The drivers can easily choose a parking duration along with allowing users to extend the parking duration if required which will come along with an additional charge.

Parking reminders

Receive parking notifications before the time expires allowing the users to avoid parking tickets.

Quickest way to reach the destination

This will simply allow the users to find the route to the nearest destination along with nearest parking spots in that destination..

Rent unused parking slots.

The users can rent their unused parking slots at a fixed rate per hour so that the available resources are used efficiently.

Add Multiple Vehicles

Park and Pay provide the users with the facility to register multiple vehicles in the app and gives the option to select the vehicle accordingly when parking.

Check History

In case of an emergency or for reference matters the users can refer the parking history which will be accessible through the app.